Extensive OWNER, Tenant & property solutions

We provide a comprehensive array of services to fit your high quality and service expectations along with the unique needs of each  property.  There is no "cookie-cutter" approach -- as little or as much as you want.  In addition to our very high standards and flexibility, we focus on providing property owners the support they need to make good business decisions and maximize the rental property's results.
Please contact us to discuss your property and preferences so we can customize a solution.  The following are the most common services provided:


  • PropertyGet the property ready for rental quickly, cost-effectively and with quality. 
  • Tenant:  Market the rental, get strong potential tenants, and conduct screenings.  After the owner's tenant decision, manage all aspects of the lease process.
During Rental:
  • Property:  Minimizing any risks or liabilities to the owner, including property maintenance and inspections.
  • Tenant:  Tenant management, including  collections, remediations, and legal actions.

Owner Support:

  • Disbursements:  Monthly EFTs to the owner of net income.
  • Accounting & Tax:   Owner's online transparency per property, and support for annual tax filings. 
  • Strategic Guidance:  Lessons learned and best practices for all aspects of property management.
Geographical Scope: Maryland
Property Scope: Monthly rent from $2,000 - $5,000
Fees: Flat-fee -- Customized to you and each property; no fees during vacancies; no % of monthly rent
Guarantee: 3-month trial

There are numerous property management companies with the same geographical scope and services.  Our focus and differentiation includes:

  • Strategic Insight:  Through related companies, we know 1st-hand all the aspects and full cycle of being a property owner, which allows us to provide best practices and proactive guidance. 
  • Quality of Service:  Top-notch attention to detail, responsiveness, and consciousness toward owners and tenants.  Doing all the little things that provides everyone a very positive experience.
  • Performance:   Support maximization of financial performance and minimization of risks.
  • Flexibility:  Customization of services and contracts to each unique owner.
  • Technology:  Use advanced IT to accelerate and streamline tasks and processes, as well as provide decision making tools and online reporting to owners.